Sri Krishna Vadya Vrindam Arangetram Tour

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Flute Raman
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Who are the artists in the Arangetram orchestra?
A: The traditional Arangetram orchestra consists of 4 members: a lead vocalist, mridangist, flautist, and violinist. The artists for the 2010 tour are listed here.

Q: What styles are the orchestra well versed?
A: Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi

Q: What languages the vocalist can sing in?
A: Typically Bharathantyam songs are in Tamil and Kuchipudi items in Telugu, however our lead singer is also well-versed in other languages and can sing in Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Kannada.

Q: How will the orchestra know the songs which need to be performed?
A: The orchestra knows all the standard items, but if not, can lean new items - it is requested that new items be sent on a CD 2 months before the event.

Q: What are the charges and what is included?
A: The fee depends on the day and specific location of the event and will include travel costs. Fees will cover the cost for the entire orchestra for the Arangetram and rehearsals. Concession on price can be arranged if little to no travel is involved. If there are multiple Arangetrams on consecutive weeks, travel costs can also be reduced. If substantial travel is required, lodging for the orchestra is not included.

Q: How many rehearsals are included?
A: The orchestra can arrive as early as 5 days before the event (Monday at the earliest) and can conduct 4-5 rehearsals. Generally, we rehearse everyday and give a break the day before the event so both the vocalist and the dancer can rest.